Course curriculum

    1. A Deep Dive into the Client Service Representative (CSR) Role

    2. Answering the Phone Video

    3. Saying I Don't Know

    4. Scenario

    5. Reinforcement Check-in: What's the Solution?

    6. Highlights to Keep in Mind

    7. The 411 on Client Tours

    8. Hospital Tour Checklist

    9. Owning the Front Office

    10. Top-Notch Exam Rooms

    11. How to Take a Message Like a Pro!

    12. Putting Clients on Hold

    13. Tips for Taking a Non-Emergency Call

    14. Asking for the Appointment

    15. Surgical Visits, Drop-off Appointments, and Discharges

    16. Euthanasia Appointments

    17. Your Hospital Specifics

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